Thursday, September 2, 2010

Power of a Choice

"Once that storm crashes in and she realizes she doesn't have the connection with God she needs to handle this kind of trauma, she has to immediately begin building up spiritual resources and her own intimacy with God, just like I did in the middle of my grief. Otherwise, she might be twisted into something she doesn't want to be by the bitterness of it all." -Brenda Stoaker

This was written by a woman who was dealing with the death of her mother from lung cancer. However, it is so applicable to us all. Unfortunately, we can not escape trauma in our life. After all, we live in a fallen world. Our only option is what we are going to do with that trauma. When you face a traumatic, painful event in your life are you going to go within yourself and attempt to deal with it, or will you rely on the power of Christ. There is only one choice which will empower and strengthen you. Unfortunately we've all seen what Brenda writes about. It is so easy to become twisted into a person you swore you'd never be. The bitterness of pain wants to quickly show it's face to the world. We have the power to choose!

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