Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We are EAGER

All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.
Galatians 2:10

Some other adopting families that I know are facing a mountain of negativity. A whirlwind of ridicule and negativity.  Their choice to adopt hasn't been received well.  It's things such as:

"You are ruining the lives of your other children!"

"Who do you think you are that you can handle this?"

"Let other countries deal with their own problems.  Stay out of it!"

and so on and so forth!

It's hurtful.  It causes deep wounds.  It shatters trust.  It leaves people feeling alone.

We've been fortunate to not have experienced a lot of disapproval in regards to us adding to our family through adoption.  Notice the A LOT?? We've had some.  Some of it absolutely rooted in some truths.  Things we needed to discuss and pray through as a couple.  Some of it out of fear for us.  I get that.  We have our own fears. Some of it out of a lack of understanding.  I get that, too.  We are not asking ANYONE to necessarily full grasp our reasoning.  It's ultimately between me, Dave, and our Heavenly Father.  Following the Lord doesn't always make sense.  It isn't always easily explained.  We have FAITH!

One day I was really struggling with the fact that we do have people who are opposed to our decision.  I, by nature, am a peace making people pleaser! I do not like people to be upset with me or to disapprove of my choices.  I was having a rough day with the fact that I was not pleasing everyone (I know, I know, I am NEVER pleasing everyone.  It was just an exceptionally challenging day).   I specifically wanted to find some verses to meditate on in this regard.  I wanted to add them to my truth pack (Whole other post for another day to explain a truth pack) so I could read them frequently.  I had specifically searched words in my bible app such as "against" disapprove", etc.  I was finding some, but my soul wasn't satisfied.  I knew I was to keep looking.  I then searched "oppose".  I scrolled through a few verses and then I came to the Galatians 2:10 verse.  The Lord put that verse on the list for me.  I am unable to explain how clearly I knew the Lord was speaking directly to me.  I was moved to tears and then to rejoicing! That verse should have NEVER came up on a keyword search "oppose".  It's not in that verse.  The Lord put that verse right before my eyes.  He needed to speak loud and clear to my heart.  I heard Him that day and I still hear Him today.  He is PLEASED with us.  He wants us to continue to follow him through this journey.  This is one way we will live out the Great Commission on our home. We WILL continue to do what we were EAGER to do from the beginning!  The very thing we set out to do!


Prayer Requests:
  • pray we get the finalized home study by the weeks end.  It is almost done! There needs to be a few corrections and then we should be set! Our social worker goes on vacation next week so we would like it before she leaves!

  • pray that she is willing, without hesitation, to make ALL the corrections our facilitation team has requested.
  • pray our USCIS final approval goes quickly! That will be the very last thing we need to finish state side!

  • keep praying for our Charlie Jo! Momma and Daddy are coming soon baby!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

T-Shirts and Bracelets!!

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John 14:18 I will not leave you as orphans...

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They say
One Less 
John 14:18

Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Can't People Just Be Kind?

I have this little girl.  She changed my life 6 short years ago when she introduced me to this wonderful thing called Motherhood!  

She is my 1st born. She showed me a love I never knew existed.  Let me tell you about her.  She is...


There is one other word I would use to describe her and until a couple months ago other people would say this about her as well.  Now that has all changed  My independent and confident daughter begged for a pixie cut.  She knew what she wanted.  She didn't care that is different than any other little girl her age that she had met.  Maybe that's why she wanted it? I wasn't as excited.  I wanted that stereotypical little girl with hair I could style and put in bows.  She didn't want that.  She didn't like that.  There was NO good reason for not letting her cut her hair.  We did it.  We had a blast.  She LOVED it.  She was so proud of herself.  I was so proud of her.  Until she left the safety of our four walls.  My sweet daughter has been laughed at, pointed out, and teased.  She's been bullied.  For only one reason...she CUT HER HAIR SHORT! She went against the flow. Not in defiance or rebellion - in absolute confidence.  She no longer can go to the park, the store, a restaurant, or even church without someone commenting on her hair. There is no safe place outside of our home. Some have been kind, but most have not.  She is often called a boy.  Not by mistake, but in a teasing sort of way.  My confident little girl no longer loves her short hair.  She asks me most days after combing her hair if she looks like a boy. She puts bows in it - I'm guessing to try and stop some of the comments. She has handled it all with more strength and grace than I. It breaks my heart that she now wants to grow her hair long.  It's not because I don't like her hair long.  I honestly could care less.  It's hair! It breaks my heart because she still wants her hair short but she is already, at the very tender age of 6, experiencing the intense pressure of our society.  This is my child who doesn't go to daycare and is homeschooled.  It's everywhere.  It's unavoidable.  It's with God's grace we will teach her to face this society head on, maintaining her confidence and teaching her where her confidence comes from.

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth
Psalm 71:5     

This is my sweet girl and she is...

It's only a short time until I will be bringing another BEAUTIFUL girl home who is going to look even more different than what society deems acceptable.  What will life be like for her? Why can't people just be kind?


Monday, July 1, 2013

One of those days...

Today has been just one of those days.  A day where I am feeling anxious and afraid.  I haven't had many of those days, but today is one of them!

Reece's Rainbow is wonderful for having such an amazing and supportive online community.  They've been there to answer my many questions and help encourage us along the way.  It's amazing how united one can feel with strangers who are all on the same journey.  However, this has been the source of my hard day.  Today was filled with hard times...unfortunate realities of adopting children from orphanages.

Today we learned about a little boy who passed away in his orphanage.  He just couldn't hold out any longer for his mommy to come save him.  Another recently adopted child passed away from heart problems.  Thankfully she didn't have to die alone. Her mommy wasn't there for her first breath but she was there for her last.  She was able to be ushered into heaven while her mommy held her in her arms.  Another family was just waiting for their travel date when they learned that their intended child was suddenly picked back up from the orphanage by the biological family.  That is both exciting and sad.  Exciting for the child who will be reunited with the biological family, but yet a little scary as to what the future holds and if this child will be returned to the orphanage.  It's also sad for the family who feels like they lost their baby.  They will continue on with a blind referral, but they will grieve their loss.  Another family went to visit their intended child only to learn that his file was inaccurate and his medical needs were so severe that they were unable to continue with the adoption.

I've kissed my babies more today and hugged them a little longer.  I've said many prayers for our sweet Charlotte.  This journey is one of uncertainties.  I'm grateful to serve a constant Father who loves me! I will cling to Him and His promises right now! My anxieties may be great, but I know my Lord is powerful!

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. -Psalm 94:19

They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD. - Psalm 112;7

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. -Psalm 56:3

As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more -Psalm 71:14