Saturday, August 24, 2013

The LORD answers prayers...

And my God will meet ALL your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. James 4:19

By now you've probably read about our mixer fiasco from earlier today.

Less then 2 hours later and the LORD has answered our prayers!

I was sitting on the couch reading the 12th book in a row to Niko when I hear a knock on the door.

Eden answers the door.

"Is your mom home?"

I moment of panic sets in.
Who is here?
I look awful today!
My hair is in a pony tail. I have no make-up on. I'm wearing a ratty t-shirt.
My house is a mess. 
I've been sick. My kids have been sick. I had lots of baking to do today.
We were just making do today!

No one was supposed to stop over today.

I went to the door and saw 3 very sweet faces.
Faces of a family I have grown to LOVE this past year!
People I am so thankful I get to live life with!

They had a surprise!
I saw their grins and heard the words

"You need to keep baking to bring that little girl home!"

I no longer cared that I looked like a train wreck or that I was sweaty from baking all day in this heat and humidity.
I hugged them both.
My heart swelled.
I could hardly contain my amazement.

After a brief conversation I carried my new pride and joy inside.
I no longer could contain my joy!
I wept!
My husband was gone, but the kids were there.  They had been with us earlier in the day when the mixer broke. They had prayed with us earlier.  Thanking the Lord for all that He has given us and putting our trust in His provisions and proclaiming His victory over Satan.

I hugged my three older kids and we prayed together thanking the Lord for providing for our needs so quickly!

Minutes later, my husband came home from a men's night at our church.  The guys had gotten together to do their yearly golf scramble and steak dinner. He came home with $200! At the golf scramble, the guys could buy mulligans and all the money went to us! We had NO IDEA they were doing this for us!


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