Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A baby update...

We received a very rare update on Treva today.  We knew from the start that she was small and petite, but from the picture we were not exactly sure just how small.  We received word today that she (at close to 14months) is the size of a newborn.  It is guessed that her weight is less then 10 lbs! It's making this all seem that much more urgent to get her home as fast as humanly possible! We don't know if she is small from neglect or due to medical issues or both.  We likely won't find out those answers until we arrive in country and visit her.  Please be praying that she will stay healthy until we can bring her home!

Early this week I "met" another adoptive mom on Facebook.  She shared a few pictures of her son.  With permission, I am passing this on to you!

When her son was brought to the orphanage
When they finally had their son 2 1/2 years later

Six months being home and loved!

Please stop by her blog and read all the amazing stories from their journey and pass on some love and encouragement to her!

Our sense of urgency is real and needed.  These children need out as fast as possible.  I want more than anything to jump on a plane tomorrow and go get her.  I know that's just not possible.  I will continue to do the next right thing and work as fast as possible on my end.  I will trust that the Lord will do the same for all other parties involved! Today, as I sit here worrying about my little girl, I am so thankful I have a BIG God who knows all the details! It's Him my heart is resting upon!

Prayer Requests:
-Please pray for Treva's health and growth
-Pray we can miraculously complete all the home study documents tonight to get that rolling!
-Pray we can receive the quickest approval ever seen! :)
-Pray people will be lead to donate financially as this is happening quickly! (I will blog more about costs soon so you have an idea what it goes for!)

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