Saturday, June 22, 2013

YOU did it!

Y'all amaze me! In just 2 short days and with only 5 GENEROUS donations we have met and exceeded that $1,000 mark!  Woohoo! And as promised her name will be...

Charlotte Josephine

We plan on calling her Charlie Jo.  We chose Charlotte because of its meaning.  Charlotte means "free (wo)man".  We thought this name was very fitting for our sweet girl and how we want nothing more than to free her from a life of being in institutions! As far as Josephine goes, I had a great grandmother whose name was Josephine. We also liked the meaning; it means "God will increase". And, my mom, sister, and niece all have the middle name Jo.  Lots of good things behind her name!

Now, with all that said, as the mommy, keep in mind I do reserve the right at any time to change her name! ;-) We may hold her for the first time and the name just doesn't seem right.  Or, we may learn her actual full name and LOVE IT!  There's no telling! But, for right now, we are pretty set on Charlie Jo and think it is the perfect name for that sweet girlie! 

I was also asked why we were not keeping the name Treva.  Treva is not her actual name.  It is an alias used to protect her identity.  Her country of origin takes great pride in protecting the identities of their children.  Even if I did know her actual name I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Now, as far as our fundraising sites go, we will still need to keep it listed as Treva.  We will stick with the "Team Treva" theme.  She will always be listed on Reece's Rainbow as Treva so to avoid confusion we will keep everything else the same.  Avoid confusion?? Not sure I'm actually doing that! Anyone else confused?? Hopefully once we get home for good we will all be able to call her by only one name...her own name...complete with the last name Scott!


Prayer Requests:
-I sent off our I-600a to the United State Citizenship and Imigration Services today.  The process working with them can be lengthy. Please pray that it will go miraculously fast!
-I had my physical today and Dave has his in a few days.  Please pray that the doctors fill out the forms correctly and the there aren't any issues with them.  
-Keep praying for our sweetheart!

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  1. Charlie Jo is soooo cute!! The name AND the sweetie pie who will claim it ;)