Monday, September 26, 2011

He amazes me...

Many of you probably are totally unaware, but Labor Day started a very rough few weeks for us.  Dave took off for some meetings in Bismarck on Labor Day afternoon and I started to feel sick.  I got sicker and sicker while he was away, but we survived.  I went to the doctor that Thursday or Friday and was treated for strep throat.  By Sunday I was feeling so much better!  Monday rolled around and Niko and Braelyn woke up with snot and lots of it.  It wasn't long before they spiked fevers and soon after Eden joined them.  Now I have three babies with fevers ranging between 101-103.  After seeing no improvement all week we decided to take all three of them (this was a first for us) to the clinic and all three were started on antibiotics.  By Saturday my course of antibiotics we finished and I woke up Sunday with another horrible sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, fever, etc.  By Monday, I was feeling really, really rough, but thankfully the kids were doing better, so we survived the day!  Tuesday, Dave left really early so I didn't get to even talk with him that day.  I was miserable!  And, Braelyn spiked yet another fever of 102.  He happened to call mid-morning and quickly realized how sick I was, finished up a few things at work, and came home.  He sent me off to bed and promptly stepped into caring for all 5 kids (our three and my 2 daycare kids),  no questions asked!  Wednesday, he took one look at me and called work saying he needed to stay home for the day.  I stayed in bed all day, but he worked so hard with such a terrific attitude.  He stayed home Thursday morning because I had an OB appointment and Braelyn had her 3 year well child visit, but she still wasn't well.  She was still running fevers of 102-103 and had developed a horrible cough.  Antibiotic we come!  Thankfully by Sunday she was much better and totally fever free!  I still was so sick and finally went on antibiotics #2 for me on Sunday.  I feel SOOOO much better!!  Whew, I think we finally kicked this and survived!  I vote, the Scotts have had enough sickness for the season already! 

We never would have been able to survive this all if it wasn't for my amazing husband.  He stepped up and picked up my slack and then some!  He cooked, he cleaned like a fool, he was totally engaged with the kids, and took great care of me!  I've never been so amazed by all he could do and with such a cheerful attitude!  He definitely deserves a great date night!! 

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