Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hi, my name is Stacy and I have picky eaters...

Am I the only one?  I hear people talk about what they eat for dinner and I secretly think to myself "my kids would NEVER eat that!!".  Where did I go wrong?  When they were babies I gave them everything.  I introduced a lot of new foods and textures whether it was a typical "kid friendly" meal or not.  As babies, they were great eaters, now, not so much!  I get so tired of cooking dinner sometimes because I know not everyone will eat it - or at least eat it without a battle.  I feel like we've tried everything.  Pairing it with food they LOVE (having them eat the least favorite first), correcting them for not eating as they were told, not giving them anything else to eat until they eat whatever it was they wouldn't eat, etc.  But alas, I still have three very picky eaters.  My oldest only wants to eat bread, pasta, and fruit.  The only meat she eats is in the form of a nugget, a hot dog, and ham.  My middle is my best eater, but is picking up on her older sister's protests.  My youngest really only wants to eat meat.  He throws veggies on the floor (or at me).  He will eat some fruits, but really he doesn't eat much of a variety or quantity.  I'm at my wits end with mealtimes... 


  1. My kids aren't necessarily picky eaters, but they don't eat supper very often. Most suppers for them consist of the fruit, vegetable, and bread/rice I serve. They rarely eat the main dish.

    I follow the suggestion from Ellyn Satter, author of "Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense." Basically her philosophy is that you choose the food to offer and when to offer it. The child chooses what to eat and how much.

  2. Stacy! I come looking for advice! You can't have questions yourself! ; ) Just kidding! I love Casey's suggestion from Ellyn Satter!!