Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Number 10

Two more families received their travel dates today!

We have officially moved into the #10 position!

Next it's single digits.  Can I get a WooHoo??!!

The families today were submitted 7 weeks ago and travel NEXT WEEK!
Eek, I'd be freaking out! It really is a good reminder that I need to tighten up a few loose ends just in case we don't get much notice either! Oh, it'll be so exciting!

Now, I'm off to call the bank to start the process of getting our money situated.  For some reason, the U people want new, unmarked bills so we have to specifically order them from the bank.  I don't want to get caught scrambling with that part in the end! We need to bring approximately $15,000 in cash with us.  Scary! Anyone want to travel with us just to be our personal body guards??

I really liked the 2 steps closer today!

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