Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pumpkin Hats For Your Lil' Pumpkin

Wouldn't your lil' pumpkin look so cute in this hat?!?

A very sweet lady from our church volunteered to knit us some hats to sell in order to support our adoption.  Way too sweet of her!

And just look at these hats!

I mean it, look at how stinkin' cute there are! 
(Honestly, they are MUCH cuter in person...I may not be known for my photographic abilities...I try!)

You know you want one!

They would fit babies to toddlers.  They have a nice stretch to them.  She also said they will wash up with no problem! 

Seeing as it is the beginning of fall, you better get your sweetie all decked out for the season! You won't be disappointed!

To order one (quantities are VERY limited at this time!) all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Make a $18 $15 payment to our FSP by clicking right HERE!
(These identical hats are going for $20-$24/ea on Etsy right now!)

2. Forward me the confirmation email HERE!

3. Wait for your fun package to arrive! I will do my best to ship within 24 hours! I don't want you to miss any time enjoying this cuteness!

Come on, join our team today! Order your cute hat and help bring our own cute package home!!

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